Got carrots? Use ’em like this…


CARROT SOUFFLE: Pre-heat to 350. Cook your 2 lbs of carrots until soft with 1 quart free-range chicken broth, then remove them from liquid and blend or process until carrots are smooth. In a bowl, combine carrots, 2 tbsp of minced onion, 2 tsp fresh lemon juice, 1/2 cup coconut oil (or olive), 1 tbsp coconut/ almond flour, 1 tsp salt, 1/4 tsp cinnamon, 1/4 cup maple syrup or honey, and 3 eggs. Beat everything together using a hand mixer and pour into a baking dish- you may wish to use a small amount of oil in the dish first. Bake your creation uncovered for 45-60 min. COOL, sprinkle with cinnamon, and indulge

Eggplant grilled cheese

The credit for this one goes to Julia Melty (her true last name is Melton, but someone had the nerve to misspell her name in the newspaper this past summer-  I thought it was appropriate for this recipe). So to begin set your oven to 350 or warm some EVO on the stove. grab some eggplant from the garden if it’s an option! slice them lengthwise and make a sandwich. For fillings we minced garlic, HOT peppers, and fresh mozzarella thanks to the goat down the road (a wonderful non-paleo exception). Enjoy, we sure did!

*note: whenever I bake eggplant I try to either take a paper towel and press the extra moisture out or slice then and let sit for about an hr so it can dry- they are juicy little fellas

Hungry for breakfast?

These little golden nuggets are easy to make in bulk and eat throughout the week, or even freeze. Preheat to 350. Start with frying 12 1/2 inch slices of sweet potato with EVO or coconut oil (whatever oil makes you happy) until golden brown. Next place one slice in the bottom of each muffin tin hole- I have experimented both with and without muffin papers and am not sure which is easier yet… crack one egg per muffin tin (6 in my case) into a bowl, whisk and add S&P, cooked onion, maybe some ground beef or bacon bits if you want some meat too. Pour the mixture evenly into your muffin tins and top each one with the other sweet potato slice! They should bake for about 20 min, but use your best judgement and be happy!

“We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves.”  Buddha

Day one

Okay, here is what I came up with for dinner: a burger from bessy at McCall ranch in Cuchogue, simmered onions and mushrooms with honey -from Wells farm and the mushrooms were picked by Anthony (but he won’t tell me where because he thinks I’ll get them all), and lettuce from Harbes farm. I had local eggs for breakfast, picked some fresh figs from the tree outside for a snack (had to compete with the bees for this one) as well as green pepper from the garden and some apple from Harbes. I got some great farm recommendations for tomorrow and am excited to check them out

One week local


The easiest way for me to stick to something is to have a challenge. I work out harder if I sign up for a 5K or a triathlon, I am more strict about my diet if I follow a certain regimen, I work faster at finishing a task of there is a set due date. This probably comes with human nature combined with my competitiveness, not daring to let myself down. I enjoy finding new obsessions and becoming an expert at something different, and this is why I have decided to eat only things local for the next week.

the last piece

I am lucky to be living on the north fork of Long Island, where there is no shortage of local fruit, veggies, and fresh eggs. I think the most interesting thing will be staying on a budget and finding protein!

So, let my newest challenge begin! (as I enjoy a bar of dark chocolate for the last time this week) and check back to see what ends up on my menu