One week local


The easiest way for me to stick to something is to have a challenge. I work out harder if I sign up for a 5K or a triathlon, I am more strict about my diet if I follow a certain regimen, I work faster at finishing a task of there is a set due date. This probably comes with human nature combined with my competitiveness, not daring to let myself down. I enjoy finding new obsessions and becoming an expert at something different, and this is why I have decided to eat only things local for the next week.

the last piece

I am lucky to be living on the north fork of Long Island, where there is no shortage of local fruit, veggies, and fresh eggs. I think the most interesting thing will be staying on a budget and finding protein!

So, let my newest challenge begin! (as I enjoy a bar of dark chocolate for the last time this week) and check back to see what ends up on my menu

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