Sweet potato and chicken salad

Begin by baking sweet potatoes, I made a big batch of 8 potatoes and baked at 400 until they were very soft. Remove the skins (not necessary but a safe bet in a larger crowd) and combine with butter salt and milk in a mixing bowl. Taste as you go to find the perfect flavor! Can be served hot or prepared the night before and cold. The chicken salad is a combination of chicken (boiled or rotisserie), cilantro, mashed avocado, walnuts, halved grapes, S&P, olive oil

Get your greens

Start with sliced yellow squash, baby kale, and EVOO in a pan and sizzle to your desire, then turn the pan to low so eggs don’t cook too quickly. Add whisked eggs and S&P. Some avocado and juicy cherries were the perfect accompaniment to complete this breakfast!